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Caterpillar new type side cutter&protector developed


we developed Caterpillar new type side cutter and protector, customer from Spain support us to develop those iterms.

Caterpillar side cutter: 357-2696,357-2697

330B L 336E L 320D2 L 336E 336F LN XE 325C 320D L 330C L 320D 330D L 320D LRR 320C 324D L 329D L 321D LCR 324D 326D L 330F 325B L 336D2 L 336F L XE 336D2 324E L 329D 329E L 336D 322C 320D2 320D RR 325D L 336D L 336F 329E 336E H 336F LNXE 336F XE 325D 330D 323D L 336F L 322B L 336E LH 326F L 320D GC 323D2 L 324E

Caterpillar protector: 326-3407

Wheel-Type Loader

349E L 349 326D2 385B 352F 336D2 L 329D2 336E L 345D L 336D2 XE 330D L 336D2 340D L 349F 374D L 324D 350-A 349D L 336F 345B II 352F-VG 345C 365B 349D2 L 340D2 L 349F LXE 336D 385C 329D2 L 336F LN 349D2 336D L 349E L VG 324D L 349D 326D2 L 349F L 336F L 385C L 352F XE VG 349E 365B II 336 336D2 GC 345B L 336E LN 345D 336D2 L XE 345 GC 352 365C 330C L 365B L

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